Extreme Poverty

  State County Poverty Rate PR of residents under 18 Median Household Income Mississippi Issaquena 43.3% 60.1% 27,124 Kentucky Owsley 40.1% 54.4% 22,335 Louisiana East Carroll Parish 40.3% 53.7% 25,442 Texas Maverick 39.9% 53.2% 27,710 Alabama Wilcox 39.6% 52.5% 21,611 South Dakota Ziebach 50.1% 52.2% 25,669 North Dakota Sioux 41.3% 51.8% 28,338 Illinois Alexander 31.1% […]

eDiscovery Standards

eDiscovery Standards

eDiscovery Standards and Trends The lack of a published set of eDiscovery standards creates a hole in eDiscovery methods. The standards, proposed in Chicago on June 14 at the Seventh Circuit’s Electronic Discovery Committee Workshop on Computer-Assisted Review, would be administered under an organization approved by the American National Standards Institute. At minimum, it would […]

EDRM – Electronic Discovery Reference Model

Electronic Discovery Reference Model

  Quick Breakdown of the EDRM – Electronic Discovery Reference Model Information Management Getting your electronic house in order to mitigate risk & expenses should e-discovery become an issue, from initial creation of electronically stored information through its final disposition. Identification Locating potential sources of ESI & determining its scope, breadth & depth. Preservation Ensuring […]