Flixster – Worst customer service experience ever.

I received SHERLOCK HOLMES: A  Game of Shadows in DVD format as a gift for my birthday.  The package includes an UltraViolet digital copy. The instructions indicate that I should point my browser to ultraviolet.flixster.com/sherlockholmes2 in order to redeem my code for the digital copy. Upon creating a login and entering the redemption code I get a dialog box that says.


Max authorization code use exceeded

My first support request included a picture of the physical disc, cover, and redemption code for the digital copy. I received the first response to my support request within minutes.

We apologize for the technical difficulties you are experiencing.We are unable to verify the redemption code you have provided as valid in our system.Please make certain that you are entering all of the characters in correctly.Thank you for contacting us.-Flixster Customer Care for UltraViolet

I replied to the email and never received a response.  I assume that UVsupport@wb.com is not a monitored mailbox.

I submitted a 2nd support request that again included an image of the box, disc, and redemption code.

The next response took two days to arrive (from the same address UVsupport@wb.com). The new response was…

Thank you for contacting Flixster Customer Care for UltraViolet™. Our records indicate that the redemption code you are inquiring about has already been redeemed for an UltraViolet™ Digital Copy that is currently active under another user’s account.To help us resolve this issue, please provide us a photo of your purchase receipt.

I don’t have an original receipt because the movie was a gift and it would not be appropriate to ask for a receipt from the person that gave me the gift.

I also tried submitting a request to UltraViolet but they just forwarded my request to Flixster who apparently dropped it in the delete file.

Apparently my only recourse is to blog about my frustration and choose to never use Flixster again.

Vudu or iTunes are my most likely choices, but I’m so turned off by this experience that I may just stick with physical DVD’s so that after the sale I never have to deal with the studio or retailer again.

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