What About Me?

Intel Corporation (INTC) has created a great Info-graphic generator that will collate information from a few different sources and give you the opportunity to tell the world the story of your own personal journey.

It takes 30 seconds to run and at completion you get to review data in eight different categories

  1. The Stories I Tell
  2. Friend Fave
  3. Swoonworthy
  4. How I put it Out There
  5. When I Clock In
  6. My Mood
  7. My Connections
  8. What I’m Talking about Now

A couple of the key things that grab my attention are the fact that the tool evaluates my mood based on the language I use in my posts. I’m pretty upbeat (or so I think) but the tool seems to think I have a slightly better than average mood. The other interesting thing I noticed is the sequence of pictures of men in hats.  This photostream comes from a rant I posted a few years ago about men in silly hats that always need to sit directly in front of me.

Overall I like tools like this because as our online data storage grows, you can make inferences that may not be possible with smaller data sets.

The final point I would like to highlight is that as we put more and more of our personal interactions on social media and content based websites we are building a virtual biography of our lives. That rant about men in silly hats may seem funny now, but in 200 years after the persecution of the hat wearers my little rant could be misconstrued as a tyrannical oppression meant to keep the covered man down.

In the end, I suggest you be mindful of what you drop into the cloud, but also have fun with it and explore ways to strengthen your personal relationships with the use of today’s media.

What About Me

What About Me

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